Emily Connell is an Australian animatronic plush toy artist based in San Diego, California.
She creates highly detailed 3D plush sculptures which are hand cut and hand sewn out of felt, with thousands of tiny stitches.

MAD MAX: The Art of Road Rage Group Art Show

(Creature Features Burbank, August 12th 2017)
Huge animatronic Doof Warrior Wagon with 4 drummers!


Icon's Group Art Show (Space 853 Long Beach, July 29th - August 12th 2017) Animatronic Jimi Hendrix toy with glowing guitar on fire & real working amp with a hidden blue tooth speaker!

John Carpenter's The Thing 35th Anniversary Group Art Show (Creature Features Burbank, April 8th - 16th 2017) - Animatronic remote controlled Spider Head Toy & The Thing plush poster with real light!

Bob's Burgers Officially Licensed Art Show (Spoke Art NYC, September 24 - October 16 2016) "Toot from your Boot" animatronic toy sculpture

Sew into Movies (Space 853 Long Beach, July 16th - August 17th 2016) - 3 Robocop sculptures. The "I'd buy that for a dollar" guy, ED-209 blasting away Mr. Kinney, and Emil melting from toxic waste.

Plush Rock Art Show (Fall Brewing San Diego, April 14 2016 till April 24th 2017) - 9 plush versions of iconic record covers, including albums by The Misfits, The Clash and even an animatronic version of Iron Maiden's The Number of the Beast.