From the website :
"The Shut Up Little Man recordings feature the real-life comical rants, hateful harangues, drunken soliloquies, and audible fistfights of Raymond and Peter – two booze-swilling homicidal roommates in a low-rent district of San Francisco. These infamous recordings were made by their much-menaced next door neighbors, Eddie Lee and Mitchell D."


I made these talking dolls for my friend Wojciech. We worked together years ago in Sydney, and would listen to the Shut Up Little Man recordings in the office all the time. A big thank you to Steve Taylor, who introduced me to Peter and Ray in 1995 when I was doing work experience at an animation studio.

Enjoy the video, please note that these dolls use offensive swear words , that may offend. You have been advised.

I did the 'puppeting' in the video. Enjoy!